Review | In My Dreams I Hold a Knife

In My Dreams I Hold a Knife by Ashley Winstead


The clique known as the East House Seven have returned to the Duquette University campus ten years after graduation for Homecoming.  Jessica, Mint, Coop, Caro, Jack, Frankie, and Heather were inseparable during their years at Duquette and their futures seemed bright.
Everything came crashing down senior year when Heather was found murdered in their dorm.  Her boyfriend Jack was the prime suspect though police never had enough evidence to charge him and that was the beginning of the cracks in their friendships.

Now reunited after a decade with some surprising relationship statuses (and the drama that goes along), shocking secrets are revealed at Homecoming in the quest to find Heather’s real killer.

In My Dreams I Hold a Knife was a fun whodunnit!
We have an unreliable narrator with convenient gaps in memory from the night in question, dual timelines to dish out juicy reveals in both the past and present, and surprisingly believable motives from most of the characters.  This group is a hot mess of scandal!
The book relies on secrets from the past being revealed to get readers to narrow down the large suspect pool.  While it took me time to determine the real killer, I had a feeling about one twist simply because of where Heather’s body was found.  The bonus twist at the end was a nice but not entirely unexpected surprise.
This was fun because of the unlikeable characters and their shocking actions.

I am surprised to see this not listed as YA – there’s a definite YA feel here with dark academia ambition.

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