Review | Edinburgh Dusk

Edinburgh Dusk (Ian Hamilton Mysteries #2) by Carole Lawrence


Detective Inspector Ian Hamilton is back and this time he’s investigating the suspicious death of a railroad lineman that female physician Sophia Jex-Blake believes to be caused by arsenic poisoning.

It doesn’t take long for Hamilton and his partner Sergeant Dickerson to determine that the married victim was known to have had several affairs.  They visit the Royal Infirmary to gain insight on poisoning from the well-known medical student Arthur Conan Doyle.

When another poisoning victim is discovered in the bed of a prostitute, it appears that the killer is seeking revenge on Edinburgh’s promiscuous residents.
When the prostitute is found dead in the river soon after, Hamilton isn’t as quick as the medical examiner to call it a suicide by drowning.

As the body count rises, Hamilton considers the commonalities in the cases and follows a series of clues.  If he isn’t careful, he could become the next victim.

At the same time, Hamilton discovers a letter that was written by his mother to his aunt Lillian warning of danger shortly before the fire that killed both her and her husband and injured Hamilton.

I enjoyed Edinburgh Dusk as much as the first in the series! (Read my review for Edinburgh Twilight here.)  I really love the cast of characters and was thrilled to see Sergeant Dickerson, Chief Inspector Crawford, and young Derek McNair again!  The author has me so curious about the truth behind the death of Hamilton’s parents and I enjoyed the development of his relationships with his brother Donald and aunt Lillian.

I’m looking forward to the third book in June!

I recommend this series to readers who enjoy historical fiction and mystery.

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