Review | In the Valley of the Sun

In the Valley of the Sun by Andy Davidson


Travis Stillwell travels the roads of West Texas in search of isolated honky-tonks where he can go unnoticed and find a woman to quiet his demons for the night.
The problem is that the demons never stay quiet and the Texas Rangers always find these women eventually.

Then one night a mysterious woman in red boots finds Travis.

Travis wakes up in his cabover camper bloodied and worn with no recollection of the previous night.  He’s parked in the lot of The Sundowner Inn, a rundown motel owned by widowed Annabelle Gaskin, and he’s short on money.

Annabelle gives Travis odd jobs around the place to cover his board and he uses the time to lay low from the law and try to heal.  He gets to know Annabelle and her ten-year-old son Sandy while realizing that something has followed him to The Sundowner Inn.

Memories of the woman in red boots return and a hunger begins in Travis so strong that he begins to worry it can’t be contained.
At the same time, a seasoned Texas Ranger is tracking Travis for his past crimes.

On a quiet autumn evening there will be a reckoning as Travis makes a choice that will change the lives of everyone around him.

In the Valley of the Sun is everything I could possibly want in a horror novel.  It’s a contemporary Western with a paranormal aspect (vampires— not the glittery kind!).  It’s full of flawed characters with secrets and the building anticipation of retribution for a number of wrongs.

I loved that readers are offered glimpses into the past that give insight into the current storyline and allow the characters to develop at a believable pace.

Dark, compelling, and rich in atmosphere; In the Valley of the Sun is a must-read for those who enjoy horror, Westerns, psychological suspense, and vampires (the truly creepy and non-glittery kind).


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